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Do you need to locate/obtain genealogical records held in the S.E. England repositories?

Do you live too far away to justify the time and expense of doing your own research?

Many genealogical records are now available on-line via the Internet. It is possible to search and view most Census records and the Birth, Marriage and Death indices from 1837 to recent times are also available. However, there are still many records that are not currently available on-line, such as many of the Parish Register records pre-1837. Generally, the only way to access these is to visit the appropriate County Record Office and view either the manuscript or microfilmed copies of the relevant registers. Whilst many people enjoy this part of the genealogy process, it can be very time consuming and if you live even a modest distance away from the Record Office, expensive in both travel and accommodation costs. If you live outside the UK, the problem is even more difficult.

Genealogical Record Research Services(GRRS) can help you.

Provide us with details of your requirements and we will do the basic donkey work for you. We will visit the relevant repository, undertake the necessary searches and document the results, allowing you to sort and use the information provided, in your own home, in your own time, without the inconvenience of days spent travelling around the country. A more advanced service is available when the exact details are not known and more extensive family history research is necessary.

Our main area of operation centres around the East and West Sussex Record Offices, although the Surrey History Centre and London repositories, such as London Metropolitan Archives(LMA), the National Archives(TNA) or Society of Genealogists(SOG) are all within easy reach and we would welcome any request to undertake research at these locations. Research in other counties e.g. Essex and Kent is also available, if required.

Do you need to help accessing Internet records?

Are you an inexperienced computer user or unwilling to pay the necessary subscriptions?

Although many genealogical records are now available on-line via the Internet, accessing them can be costly. Additionally, searching the on-line records can be time-consuming, especially for the inexperienced researcher and 'quirks' in the systems sometimes mean that records are missed.

Genealogical Record Research Services(GRRS) can help you.

We have access to the various UK on-line records and many years of experience in searching them. Provide us with all your requirements and we can undertake the relevant searches and furnish the results for you. In these circumstances, since there is no travelling required, our services cover the whole of the UK and the costs are restricted to the research charge.

How much does it cost?

Our fees, which are based on the type of service required, are charged by the hour and start from as little as £6.00(6 Pounds Sterling) per hour. All travelling time is charged at £6.00 per hour. There is a minimum charge of 2 hours, excluding travelling. Additionally, any incurred expenses are charged e.g. travelling expenses, document duplication etc. For examples of the costs involved, please see our Costs page.

If you think that our services might be of assistance and you would like more details or you would like us to provide you with a free quote to undertake research on your behalf, then please provide us with as much information as possible about your requirements and we will reply as soon as possible. Contact us.


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Last updated 6 February 2016